Opel Ampera e will have Excellent Performance

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Opel is known for making economical vehicles for ever class. This time Opel came up with Opel Ampera e. As per the company this vehicle is going to have the power and performance of other Sporty models. To remind you, this is an all electric vehicle from Opel. This is the first of its kind from the company. This model will debut in Paris Auto Show. As we know that Opel is a part of General Motors and this model is intended to be a sister model to Chevrolet Bolt. Chevy is also a part of General Motors.

As per the CEO of Opel, this model is going to be really fun to driver. People can use Opel Ampera e for everyday use. As per the stats, Opel Ampera e can reach a speed of 50 kmph within 3.2 seconds. Now this is seriously good stat for an all electric vehicle. As per the company the top speed of this model would be 150 kph. If we are talking about the engine then this would produce a power of 201 hp and a displacement torque of 266 lb/ft.

A spokesman revealed that this model is not a comparison to other sporty model. But this is just to show that an all electric vehicle with such power would be fun to drive. They just want to make the customers understand that Opel Ampera e is not a boring car. Opel Ampera e will have enough spacing to accommodate 5 people along with sufficient trunk space. Surely fans will wait for the full revelation of Opel Ampera e.

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