Nissan IMx to hit the production line with bespoke platform

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Nissan IMx

Nissan IMx is approaching its production line with the bespoke platform. However, the Nissan IMx Concept was showcased at the end of 2017. At Consumer Electronics Show 2018, in an interview with Motor1, Daniel Schillaci, the sales and global marketing’s executive vice president of Nissan, revealed facts about the car. He stated that the Nissan IMx road-going version will consist of distinctive underpinnings. However, he declined to share other specifications of the car.Nissan IMx Nissan IMx

However, seeking more information about the Nissan IMx, Schillaci was asked whether the bespoke platform said was the scalable architecture part of the Alliance 2022 of Renault-Nissan. But Daniele Schillaci refused to go into a detailed discussion. So, there is least information available till of now. However, from the bespoke word, used by Schillaci, it can be expected that the vehicle to not utilize the latest platform as that used by the latest generation Leaf.Nissan IMx Nissan IMx

However, much detail about the Nissan IMx is not available yet. It can be expected that the vehicle to make a good use of the two electric motors. Hence if it does so then it will be capable of yielding 516 lb-ft of torque and 430 hp. Moreover, if the motor is coupled with a substantial battery pack then it could result in achieving 600 km (373 miles). On the off chance that the Nissan Leaf is anything to pass by, then all these figures are likely to decrease from the Nissan IMx. However, time can only tell that the Nissan IMx is going to surface with the exact expected figure or not.Nissan IMx Nissan IMx

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