Nissan IMs Concept revealed futuristic Sport Sedan with “Premier” rear seat

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Nissan is planning to introduce a new segment and will call it “elevated sports sedan”. They planned to do it through Nissan IMs Concept which made its debut at Detroit Auto Show. Nissan IMs Concept is an electric crossover but possess proportion of a four-door sedan. It gives this concept a unique look and also makes it far more attractive. Large part of the Nissan IMs Concept has clever design thanks to mixture of sharp lines and flowing surfaces. The front of IMs Concept is dominated by non-traditional grille and is flanked by stylish lighting units and vertical fins.

Nissan IMs ConceptNissan IMs ConceptNissan IMs ConceptNissan IMs Concept

If one move further they can find best view of Nissan IMs Concept as the front doesn’t tell a complete story. Sporty roof and rakish windscreen remind us of 2019 Maxima. Other noticeable features include dynamic greenhouse, stylish bodywork and high-performance tires wrapping the 22 inch wheels. Nissan IMs Concept lacks B-Pillar and consists of suicide rear doors which will make entry and exit from the vehicle far easier. Hidden door handles, holographic taillights and a smoked glass roof with a gold geometric pattern can also be found on the concept. Power in Nissan IMs Concept derives from two electric motors supported by 115kWh battery. Combined output of this setup is 483hp and 799Nm of torque and is all-wheel drive.

Nissan IMs ConceptNissan IMs ConceptNissan IMs ConceptNissan IMs Concept

On a single charge, Nissan claims that IMs can travel 380 miles. The concept also has new Invisible-to-Visible technology. It will help driver to see around corners and help them visualize upcoming traffic jams and accompanied by digital companion. Cabin of Nissan IMs Concept has futuristic setup and on the front there is steering wheel and digital instrument cluster. Additional display is present on either side where one side shows temperature, time and remaining range. The other side acts as infotainment system and as entertainment system. There is also “Premier Seat” which is a lounge-like chair that folds two outer seats back down.

Nissan IMs ConceptNissan IMs ConceptNissan IMs ConceptNissan IMs Concept

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