Nissan GT-R gets a full carbon fiber treatment

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Current generation Nissan GT-R is in production for more than 11 years now. There is no news regarding its replacement and the company isn’t even discussing it. Nissan is still busy offering several different version of GT-R to keep the fans guessing and hooked onto it. It will take them two more years to seriously discuss abut its replacement. Thankfully for us, there are many owners of Nissan GT-R around the world who spends bucket load of money to work on their vehicle. In this post, we have one of the most unique GT-R models we have come across.

This is one of the handfuls of GT-R to have full carbon fiber bodywork. Each and every part of the exterior is covered in pure carbon fiber. It can be seen on hood, doors, fenders, side mirror caps, and bumpers. Many critics what will happen to this carbon fiber laded Nissan GT-R when it gets into an accident. With the help of pure carbon fiber components, the weight of the GT-R has been significantly reduced. The tuned version of GT-R weighs 310 pounds lighter than stock version.

The price of this tuning program is £60,000 ($76,430). Now, if we calculate in terms of price of each pound of weight then it comes to $246. We have attached the video of this tuned Nissan GT-R and if you can skip to 7:30, you will be able to hear mesmerizing exhaust sound. As you would have guessed, the straight line acceleration will also be improved along with top speed.

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