Nio Eve Concept: The complete package of AI and autonomous technology

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Not many people expect to see a concept vehicle at SXSW Festival. However, many were shocked to see Nio Eve Concept at this event whose crowd consists of millennial. SXSW Festival held at Austin, Texas and this year it will take place from March 10th to 19th. Nio was formerly known as NextEV and brings a lot more in their Eve Concept. Car is not just meant from traveling from one point to another; Nio Eve Concept makes it much more personal. It is estimated to arrive in the year 2020.

Nio Eve ConceptNio Eve ConceptNio Eve Concept

Nio Eve Concept learns about the passengers and their preference even if the journey time is small. This concept car can also be called as Siri on wheels. Eve and Faraday Future FF91 have similar features. Nick Sampson who is the head of R7D and engineering at Faraday Future, tweeted a picture which compared similarity between the two cars. Nio have developed NOMI which is an artificial intelligence engine. It provides occupants with verbal and visual communication with the help of intuitive human interface.

Nio Eve ConceptNio Eve ConceptNio Eve ConceptNio Eve Concept

The active glass on the Nio Eve Concept will also be used by NOMI to provide passengers with augmented reality graphics that includes entertainment option too. In the month of November, they had introduced EP9 Electric supercar which created a lap record by an EV at the Nurburgring Nordschleife. Unlike EP9, Nio Eve Concept is about practicality as it shelved A & B pillars to make way for the forward-sliding door. The Eve Concept was designed from inside out to maintain the self-driving features. With regard to powertrain, nothing has been revealed by Nio.

Nio Eve ConceptNio Eve ConceptNio Eve Concept

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