Mulliner Division is reportedly developing an Ultra-Exclusive Roadster

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For many fans, Bentley Continental GT Convertible might be too mainstream. However, if reports are to be believed the company is working on a limited-edition roadster that will take inspiration from EXP 100 GT Concept. Autocar reports that the said model is being developed by Mulliner Division and will become first coachbuilder car since Bentley State Limousine which was created in 2002 for Queen Elizabeth II. As expected, not much is known about the car at this moment and reputedly haven’t received green light for production. Nonetheless, it could arrive in the year 2021 and be positioned as “ultimate open-cockpit sports tourer.”

Mulliner Division to build roadster based on Bentley EXP 100 GT Concept

The model by Mulliner Division is said to be “two-seat barchetta-styled tourer” but it will lack roof and features styling cues from EXP 100 GT Concept. Just like the said concept, the new model will use sustainable materials. No specifics have been divulged, we know that EXP 100 GT used biodegradable Gainsborough cotton damask textiles and copper infused riverwood which was 5,000 years old. Roadster by Mulliner Division will be electric just like EXP 100 GT Concept and will be powered using 6.0-liter W12 engine. We are unsure if the roadster would receive power boost, but the output would have at least 626hp and 900 Nm of torque.

Mulliner Division to build roadster based on Bentley EXP 100 GT Concept

Since, retractable roof is being ditched, the new model is expected to be faster than Continental GT Convertible that took 3.7 seconds to hit 0-60mph and reached a top speed of 207 mph. Mulliner Division could produce just 12 examples or less and is reportedly talking with potential customers. As we are talking about Ultra-Exclusive Roadster, the price would be on the higher side. The car might be more than £1.5 million.

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