• Audi has showcased many all-electric crossover concepts for a while now. Now it seems that the concept is being translated into a production version. Currently, only one country gets the benefit and that is the beautiful country of Norway. The model we are talking about is none other than Audi e-Tron Quattro. Audi is already …   Read More

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  • The German automaker, Volkswagen is all set to unveil its fourth Volkswagen ID concept model. The revelation will be done at the Frankfurt Motor Show in the September of 2017. As per the reports by Autocar, the fourth concept will be an electric sedan. The company revealed its pioneer Volkswagen ID concept in 2016. It …   Read More

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  • Volkswagen might be facing some legal issues in various countries, but that doesn’t mean that it will stop progressing. They are already on the run and showcasing newer models. Three years ago, Volkswagen T Roc was showcased as a concept car, but now there are news that the company is ready to debut at Frankfurt Auto …   Read More

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  • The high performance division of Mercedes-Benz is the AMG. The division has come up with their latest offering titled Project One. It is the hybrid Mercedes-AMG Hypercar. Tobias Moers is the head of the Mercedes-AMG division. Moers is confident about the hybrid hypercar. He further believes that the car will finish Nurburgring lap quicker than …   Read More

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  • For all the Porsche Mission E fans there is more good news. It was recently revealed that the said electric car will be offered in more than one variant. Just like many other Porsche cars, it will be made available with different specifications. Porsche Mission E is expected to arrive at showrooms by the end …   Read More

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  • The Toyota Supra is a grand tourer/sports car. It was produced from 1978 to 2002 by Toyota Motor Corporation. The styling was derived from the Toyota Celica. The recent renderings of the upcoming Toyota Supra show what you can expect from the model. The spy images emerged over the past few months. The digital pictures …   Read More

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  • Mercedes Benz revealed the second teaser image of the upcoming AMG hypercar at the 2017 CES. The Mercedes-AMG Hypercar is strictly limited. It is not determined yet that how many cars will be built, but   it is aiming 200 to 300 examples for the production line. Ola Kallenius is the Mercedes Benz R&D chief. He …   Read More

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  • BMW will launch a new range topping sporty version of i3 in 2017 September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. According to Autocar the small faster hatch named the i3S will arrive as a part of the pure electric hatchback. The Germans planned to tweak styling, technology updates and improve range for the revamped BMW i3. …   Read More

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  • Opel announced its new third SUV Grandland X. It is all set to hit the market in the fall of 2017. You will see only 29 new models launched by the end of the decade. The car will be almost the same size of the Volkswagen Tiguan. It will also share some of the technologies …   Read More

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  • This Chrysler Lamborghini Portofino is a concept car from 1987. It was described as the ultimate mid-engined touring sedan by Chrysler. It is basically a 4 door stretched version of Lamborghini Jalpa model. This was originally revealed during the 1987 Frankfurt Motor Show. This symbolized Chrysler’s takeover. Chrysler took over Lamborghini on 23rd April (earlier …   Read More

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