• At the 2018 Detroit Auto Show, Lexus will be revealing LF-1 Limitless Concept crossover. However, before all that, the company has released a teaser. By first look, it has an angular rear window and swoopy rear. We can only speculate that it will have roofline similar to that of a coupe. The taillight of Lexus …   Read More

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  • According to news report, Nissan is working on a concept vehicle which indicated that we might see an electric crossover soon. The electric crossover might make its debut this year and is dubbed as Vmotion 3.0 by designers. It will follow the footsteps of Vmotion 2.0 which debut early part this year at Detroit Auto …   Read More

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  • The name Kia Stinger is synonymous to luxury sport sedan and it premiered at Detroit Auto Show. The Korean carmaker has got youthful and enigmatic appearance. The automaker confirmed that Stinger won’t be coming with Kia emblem for Korean market. Korean publishing house Pulse, informed that Stinger will have its own badge sans Kia. Kia …   Read More

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  • Even though Kia Stinger was showcased at the Detroit Auto Show, but it seems the testing phase is still on-going. The development team along with Kia Stinger was sent to North Sweden. It was done to perform for testing the handling of front and rear-wheel drive configuration. Electronic aid’s characteristics will also be tested there. …   Read More

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  • The new Kia Stinger sports sedan revealed at the Detroit Auto Show 2017. The car can receive an all electric variant competing with the Tesla Model 3. The consumers’ reaction to Tesla Model 3 has been wild. The model is sold as the first affordable mass market Tesla. Spencer Cho is the head of overseas …   Read More

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  • Fiat Chrysler Automobiles plans to build a Chrysler Portal after 2018. It was revealed at the 2017 CES and showcased at the Detroit Motor Show 2017. The Chrysler Portal is an all electric minivan concept. Sergio Marchionne is the boss of the FCA. According to him, it will be the fifth generation car of the …   Read More

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  • BMW M can indeed be a reality. The company is planning to add zero-emission M car for a long time. And now it is probably going to happen in real. Frank Van Meel, the chief of performance brand spoke with AutoExpress. He spoke with them on the Detroit Auto Show’s sidelines. He asserted that the …   Read More

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  • The Subaru WRX STI gets tweaked exterior styling, better brakes, a quieter and more comfortable cabin, and sharper handling. It looks more or less same to the outgoing model. The WRX STI enters the 2018 model year with comfort, performance, design and safety enhancements for more rewarding driving experience. It’s really hard to point out …   Read More

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  • During the world premiere in Detroit at the North American International Auto Show BMW announced pricing of the new additions to the BMW 5 Series family. They are the high performance M550i xDrive and plug in hybrid 530e. BMW USA will bring these two models of G30 5-Series this spring at the showrooms. The BMW …   Read More

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  • The new Audi SQ5 revealed at the Detroit Auto Show. It has more aggressive bodywork over the new regular generation Q5 which was not there for show. It  is powered by TFSI V6 3.0 liter producing 369 lb feet and  349 HP of torque  to all the four corners. It is connected to an automatic …   Read More

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