• The Lincoln Vignale concept was originally revealed in the year 1987 at Chicago Motor Show. It has been developed to provide a glimpse of high performance luxury touring cars of 90’s. The Lincoln Vignale concept had a simple yet elegant design. It has the most interesting styling cue at the back. This is where there …   Read More

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  • 2017 Nissan Armada that was introduced in Chicago Auto Show is ready for order. You can simply order this in your nearest Nissan showroom. The prices of this model have been revealed now. If you are interested in this massive 8-seater SUV, then that would cost you $44,000. Now this cost does not includes the …   Read More

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  • At the Chicago Auto show Chevrolet introduced Camaro’s new 1LE package. It will be equipped with V8 and V6 engines. Al Oppenheiser is the chief engineer of the Chevy Camaro. Oppenheiser said that he would have the customers to buy performance parts out of the performance catalogue. And even buy something straight from the factory. …   Read More

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  • Ford finally announces that the latest 2017 Ford Escape is about to arrive with an all new Sports Appearance Package. The car will go on sale this spring and this news seems to be quite interesting all in all. This version of 2017 Ford Escape is said to follow the footsteps of Ford Explorer that …   Read More

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  • Toyota has introduced a more potent version of the RAV4 is on the agenda. It will profit from the Toyota Racing Development remedy. Bill Fay is the Toyota’s general manager. He hinted that an efficiency Toyota RAV4 TRD inspired by the Rally automotive model may grow to be a reality. Fay mentioned that people can …   Read More

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  • The Mercedes Sprinter Extreme Concept looks real wild and splashy. The vehicle is displayed at the Chicago Auto Show and looks like that it arrived directly from the Jurassic Park. The vehicle was initially a Sprinter 3500 Cab Chassis but this has been turned into a monster like machine. The design has been done by …   Read More

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  • Ram Power Wagon is all set with its 2017 model with certain cosmetic enhancements that has made this vehicle look really meaner. The updates and other added features of 2017 Ram Power Wagon will be presented during the Chicago Auto Show this week. The shiny bits and pieces of the wagon have been replaced by …   Read More

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  • The Infiniti Q50 brings in 3 turbo engines and it is on display at the Chicago Auto Show. The turbo engine trio is recently being displayed at the Chicago Auto Show in various show cars present over there. One of them is powered by a 2.0 liter 4 cylinder engine that produces 208 hp and …   Read More

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  • The all new 2017 Kia Niro Hybrid has been revealed and the car looks simply awesome. It has been said as “no compromise hybrid” the 2017 Kia Niro Hybrid is a utility vehicle (crossover inspired). The car features roof rails, rear skid plate and body cladding made up of plastic. The model has also got …   Read More

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  • At the Chicago Auto Show 2016 Ford has announced that they will add 4 SUV nameplates by the end of the decade. The company plans to offer four new SUVs in segments that the company does not currently compete. The Blue Oval Company said that the SUV boom will not fade away in the future. …   Read More

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