• The first image and specification of the upcoming 2018 Buick Regal was leaked online. Apart from the badges and grille, it is same as we expected. It will be joining the Holden Commodore, and Opel Vauxhall and possess the same sleek design. But in the 2018 Buick Regal, one could easily spot the customary badges …   Read More

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  • Ferrari revealed the new GTC4Lusso T celebrating the China Premiere at the Auto Guangzhou. It is the world’s largest car market. The 488 Spider, 488 GTB and California T Tailor made joined it. The Prancing Horse shooting brake coupe is on display in China at the Auto Guangzhou. Ferrari GTC4Lusso T is available at a …   Read More

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  • The Ferrari GTC4Lusso marks its first appearance in Japan. The Ferrari GTC4Lusso made its debut in Tokyo at a special event. This event was held on 10th and 12th May. This event was decorated in such way so that it resembles the Italian palazzo. People present during the event witnessed amazing aerial acrobatic performance. The …   Read More

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  • Releasing the rear doors of the Mazda CX 4 Coupe had made the car even more appealing. The Mazda CX 4 Coupe was originally revealed in Beijing during the motor show. Whether the Mazda CX 4 Coupe is going to bring trouble for the Evoque model is not relevant yet. Evoque is a luxury vehicle …   Read More

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  • Qoros cam less valvetrain concept has been unveiled at the ongoing Beijing Motor Show. This is an entirely new concept that features a Qamfree engine. This concept has been presented by Qoros in along with FreeValve AB. This new concept is on display at the ongoing Auto China. The Qoros cam less valvetrain concept has …   Read More

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  • China is considered as the biggest auto market globally till date. BMW executives have visited China during this ongoing Beijing Motor Show. They are now hinting towards some new exciting possibilities coming up for the German car maker. They are vacuuming money out of buyer’s pockets. This means the BMW’s accountants have got more reasons …   Read More

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  • Chevrolet TRON inspired Cruze has now been revealed in Auto China this week. This was done to honor the opening of Disney Resort in China. They built a new model of Cruze and modified it as per the Disney  movie tron that came out in the year 2011. This model was a joint effort from …   Read More

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  • The Chery FV2030 concept has been introduced at Auto China. This concept car has been described as Chery’s futuristic outlook and thinking. The Chery FV2030 concept is basically a crossover coupe which features interesting things. It has got massive air intakes, a relatively high hood, floating grille and a bold front fascia. The Chery FV2030 …   Read More

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  • Today, Beijing motor show witnessed the first ever Sedan electric vehicle. Citroen E Elysee has been introduced China and this is simply amazing. Citroen has always preferred electric vehicle and the demand of Elysee was growing in china a lot. So, they now launched the pure electric sedan. This model is not having any extra …   Read More

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  • A facelift model of the Peugeot 3008 has been introduced at the Beijing Motor Show. But this is not the one people were eagerly waiting for. The one people are curious about is slated to be revealed most probably in the month of October. The car will use the Paris Motor Show as a platform. …   Read More

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