Mitsubishi Outlander Sport recalled back in America

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Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is been called back recently. However seeing the sells figure in the United States, Mitsubishi is certainly recalling a greater number of vehicles. Of which Mitsubishi Outlander Sport stands in greater number. However, Mitsubishi declared plans on calling back their 140,000 Outlander, Outlander Sports, and Lancers. Hence they intended at disconnecting the drive belts from the cars. Later on, 170,000 more cars were recalled back. Hence the Outlander Sports and Outlanders were been recalled in this session. However, they were called back to fix the parking brakes problems. Apart from the 170,000 recall, the Japanese automaker also organized for a recall of 56k Lancers. Hence all these vehicles faced problems with separating sunroofs.Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

However, Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is again facing a recall. Hence all the vehicles are from the model years of 2011-16. Moreover, in the US, 160,000 vehicles will face this recall. The main problem in this Mitsubishi Outlander Sport is with the leaking of water in the middle of windshield and hood. Hence this is resulting in the corrosion of the wiper link, which may lead to separating. Apart from that, it could cause visibility reduction, while the car is in motion, with a higher crash risk.  However, the Japanese automaker recalls all those vehicles to any dealers in America. Hence over there, the rods linking the wiper and the crack arms of the motor will be replaced.  However, the automaker has not revealed anything about the repairing the leaks.Mitsubishi Outlander Sport Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

Replacement of the corroding components of the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport will start from April. However, last year, the automaker sold total 103,686 vehicles in America marking a high of ten-year. But they are calling back 158,651 vehicles which is much more than the number of vehicles sold in America. However, Mitsubishi Outlander Sport stood as one of the largest selling vehicles in one of the biggest markets, counting 33,160 units. Hence that stood to be only a third of the vehicles being sold out in the US in the year 2017. The larger Mitsubishi Outlander, counting 35,310 units, was being sold out more than the Mitsubishi Outlander Sport, which is same as the sales figure of Lancer and Mirage together.Mitsubishi Outlander Sport

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