Mirrow Provocator is much bigger than a smart car

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Alexander Malyshev a designer imagined a detailed project for the future city car. He named it the Mirrow Provocator. This virtual car has enough room for 4 passengers and luggage. It fits in the same size slot as the Smart ForTwo. At the same time the car body more than 50 percent will be produced of the recycled polymers, by the dynamic, inner space and safety characteristics Mirrow Provocator can be classified as a business vehicle. It used numerous pieces and bits and tubular frame made from polymers.

Malyshev explained that the body can absorb, distribute and adapt the force of an impact in any unfortunate accident. It has tidbits starting from access area for both the drivers and the passengers. At the rear of Mirrow Provocator there is a door. It still has side doors and they are accessible only in case of emergency. Its construction says that it can deliver the highest level of safety through the rally car inspired cage.

Mirrow Provocator is neither a long car nor a small car. Its width and height can be compared with the large SUV. If you are inside of the car you will feel like you are in a minivan. The front passenger’s position and the driver’s position behind the wheel are close to the Mercedes E class. Its length is 269.5 cm, height is 204.5 cm, width without mirrors is 198 cm and ceiling height inside is 180 cm. It also has some optional features like automatic transmission xenon projector headlights, cruise control and light and rain sensors.

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