Mirrow Provocator, an intelligent city car envisioned by a designer

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Famous designer Alexander Malyshev has created an intelligent city car design. He has named it as Mirrow Provocator. We have got a virtual city car with a space for 4 passengers and luggage. This one uses many details that are made from polymer and it is based around a tubular frame. This shall make the body of the car absorb and distribute impact energy in case of an accident. The concept seems really great and this is likely to be appreciated by several car lovers. This car looks really like a city car quite perfect for an urban life. The features and specs for this concept are discussed below.

Mirrow Provocator

There are slots for access for passengers and drivers located at the back side of the car. However, the side doors for Mirrow Provocator are to be used only in case of an emergency. This design and built shall provide highest safety for owners of Mirrow Provocator. The designer is of the similar opinion. The interior of Mirrow Provocator, though minimalistic, it is quite an impressive one. It has got power windows, sunroof, mirrors, seats, navigation system and many more. There are certain optimal features available including cruise control, rain and light sensors. Auto transmission and xenon projector lights are also included in the list. This shall really look nice and perfect if included in the car’s design and built.

Mirrow Provocator

The designer envisions Mirrow Provocator in two versions. These are a hybrid or electric powertrain and a classic combustion engine. The hybrid or electric versions may use large battery package, installed in floor that provides350-400 kms. The other one may use a small 3 cylinder diesel or petrol engine with up to 1.5 liter of displacement. So all of these features and specs of Mirrow Provocator seems really nice and this is likely impress lots of car lovers. So it is good news that ace designers like Malyshev is coming up with such great concepts these days. Such ideas, design and built shall surely help us reach a better future in the matter of next gen drives. This car can prove to be real nice thing for urban people looking for a smart car.

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