Milan Red with 1,306hp lands in Vienna for a new photo shoot

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For those who are not familiar with Milan Red, we must inform them that it a hypercar from an Austrian automaker. It was unveiled to the world by the end of July and recently it came to Vienna for a photo shoot. This Bugatti Chiron rivalling hypercar landed at St. Stephen’s Cathedral. It is already revealed that only 99 units will be made and company claims that each one of them will have unique characteristics. The name of the vehicle is derived from a bird of prey according to the Austrian based company. Majority of the construction is made from carbon fiber.

Milan Red hypercar Milan Red hypercar Milan Red hypercar

Milan Red aims to compete against the big boys of hypercar such as Bugatti and Koenigsegg. This hypercar largely benefits from carbon ceramic brakes, clever adjustable suspension and CFRP double wishbones. At this point of time, we still don’t any image of the interior of Milan Red. However, Milan Automotive claims that it will be stunning and has the “the visualization of the driver’s heartbeat”. With respect to powertrain, Milan Red comes with 6.2 liter quad-turbo V8 unit and is rated at massive 1,306 horsepower and 1,400Nm of torque. The engine has been mated with dual-clutch seven-speed automatic gearbox and power is transferred to the rear axle.

Milan Red hypercar Milan Red hypercar Milan Red hypercar

With respect to acceleration of Milan Red, it is almost as same level as the Bugatti Chiron. It is able to hit 62mph mark from stagnant position in just 2.47 seconds whereas to hit 124mph, it takes 5.46 seconds. No official figure has been given about the top speed, but it is claimed that it will be way over 249mph. More details regarding this hypercar would be revealed soon in coming months along with extensive gallery. For those who are interested in it will have to pay around €2 million in Europe.

Milan Red hypercar Milan Red hypercar Milan Red hypercar

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