MG X-Motion Concept finally debuts at the 2018 Beijing Auto Show

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MG X-Motion Concept

MG has teasing X-Motion Concept fro few months now and they have finally taken the cover off it. MG X-Motion Concept is projected as brand’s range-topping SUV. It is reported that it will hit production line by next year and at this point of time, it is known that it will be five-seater. There is also a string probability that a larger version of it might be introduced at later date. Recent models from MG such as GS and ZS has interesting styling and it continues in the X-Motion Concept.

MG X-Motion Concept

The front end of the MG X-Motion Concept has similar styling as Mazda and sleek headlights engulfs the large front grille and prominent nose with ease. MG X-Motion Concept has black wheel arches and small side windows. Small windows are evident from the second-row seats. At the rear of the X-Motion Concept, the taillight has similar style to that of Infiniti and there are dual circular tailpipes, and a small roof spoiler. The power in the X-Motion Concept will come from 2.0 liter petrol unit.

MG X-Motion ConceptMG X-Motion Concept

MG hasn’t revealed the power and torque stats as of yet for the road-going model. However, MG did confirm that this model will be added with electrified powertrain later on when it is introduced. X-Motion Concept will be offered with two-wheel drive and all-wheel drive system and of other features that also comprises of adaptive cruise control. The production version of X-Motion will be revealed later this year. For now, you have to be content with few attached images here.

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