Mercedes Santa sleigh launched Just in Time

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Mercedes Santa sleigh

Mercedes, the German automobile manufacturer is all set to get into the holiday mood and the celebration spirit as the German luxury car giant has launched the up to date Mercedes Santa sleigh Configurator which lets the users create the ideal trip for none other than Santa Claus. Guests will have the option of selecting among three body style variants which will include a G-Class, an F 015 and the Silver Arrow. Furthermore, the users will also be given the choice of different colors based on the Spirit of Christmas like Pine Needle Green, Silent Night Black and Reindeer Nose Red.

After both the aforementioned choices are made by the visitors, they will be posed with a choice of opting among three variant classes of ‘runners’ which will include AMG, Exclusive and Avant-grade. The German automaker will give the option of customizing the Mercedes Santa sleigh with a selection of drive choices that will include AMG or red glowing eyed reindeer which is infused with steroid; hybrid or reindeer and horses; and 4MATIC or reindeer to its visitors.

As per the German automaker, lastly but equally important, the Mercedes Santa sleigh can be stocked with varied different choices which includes the safety package or the guardian angel. An intelligent lighting system or the elf with a flashlight; and the navigation system or the shooting star.After the completion of the configuration, the visitors are allowed to put their Mercedes Santa sleighs on famous social media networks or simply send it to family and loved ones. This is just a way, Mercedes plans on making the holiday season special for its loyal customers

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