Mercedes C Class All-Terrain treatment looks like this

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Mercedes C Class might get an All-Terrain treatment

Mercedes has entered the competitive market of ruggedized station wagons with the introduction of the Mercedes E Class All Terrain model. Remco Meulendijk of RM Designs finds out that it would only be a matter of time before Mercedes applies a similar All Terrain treatment to the Mercedes C Class model. The designer gives an idea of what the Mercedes C Class would look like with the similar kind of treatment.

Mercedes C Class might get an All-Terrain treatment

Now, it remains to be seen whether Daimler approves an All Terrain treatment for the Mercedes C Class. If such a thing happens then the Mercedes C Class would go up against cars such as the Volvo Cross Country and Audi A3 Allroad. Subaru has embraced the approach with its Outback model that is based on Legacy. The same goes for the Crosstrek based on Imprezza. Even Volkswagen has entered the game with the Passat and Golf’s Alltrack versions. Seat is also there in the competition with its Leon X Perience model.

Thus, there might be a possibility for the automaker to consider an All Terrain treatment for its Mercedes C Class model. We would definitely expect the C Class to be launched with an All Terrain treatment including lower body cladding, 4Matic AWD and also with an increase ride height. So, let us hope that the car would soon come up with such interesting and advanced features. However, nothing has been known at this moment. It is just a speculation. But, the automaker has always been one of the best in bringing forth great innovations. So, it would be really great if the Mercedes C Class is provided with an All Terrain treatment.

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