Mercedes Benz Future Bus: The next generation autonomous city bus revealed

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Few years back, Mercedes Benz unveiled an interesting feature called as Highway Pilot. This autonomous feature would have helped truck in making long drive safe as well as economical. The trucks would have been able to drive itself up to the speed of 85 kph. They have used the same feature in the city bus. The company christened it as Mercedes Benz Future Bus. The same feature in the bus is now called CityPilot system. The bus can autonomously manage itself up to the speed of 70 kph. Mercedes Benz Future Bus capabilities were showed in Amsterdam and it covered 20 kilometers on its own.

Mercedes Benz Future Bus

This Future Bus was driven on the longest BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) line in Europe. The Mercedes Benz Future Bus was comfortable in covering 20 kilometers of distance on the busy transit. It even stopped at traffic lights and designated stops. It automatically applied brake whenever it encountered any kind of obstacles. Automatic opening and closing of door at bus stops was also seen. For safety purpose, a designated driver was in control of the monitor while the bus was makings its maneuver through the traffic.

Mercedes Benz Future Bus

Mercedes Benz Future Bus comes with short and long range radars which work synonymously with inbuilt GPS and camera. The Mercedes Benz Future Bus is smart enough to connect itself with the Wi-Fi so that it could fetch information regarding the traffic signals. According to Daimler Bus, the feasibility of such buses would be possible by creating a new separate transit line on BRT just of these kinds of buses. The driver sitting behind the wheel would control it under normal circumstance. The driver can opt for autonomous driving when the road is suitable for autonomous driving. Normal buses exterior and interior looks bland, but with this new bus the future of city buses looks bright.

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