Mercedes-Benz C300de is 302hp hybrid PHEV with 57km range in EV mode

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Few years back, diesel plug-in hybrid was considered to be bad technology. Nevertheless, Mercedes has full confidence in their new 2.0 liter diesel engine. Mercedes-Benz C300de will be available as sedan and wagon uses the same 3rd Gen plug-in hybrid technology like the E300de. The new 2.0 liter diesel engine is rated at 194hp and 400Nm of torque whereas 90kW battery electric motor offers 122hp and 440Nm of torque. Combined output of this setup is 302hp and 700Nm of limited torque at 1,400rpm. If we take BMW 330e for comparison, it offers 252hp and 420Nm of torque.

Mercedes-Benz C300deMercedes-Benz C300deMercedes-Benz C300deMercedes-Benz C300de

However, electric motor is integrated with 9G-Tronic nine-speed automatic transmission that offers 440Nm from get-go. Mercedes-Benz C300de sedan is able to accelerate from 0-62mph in 5.6 seconds whereas for wagon, it is 5.7 seconds. Top speed is limited to 155mph. When Mercedes-Benz C300de is driven with electric mode, it is able to travel 57km on its own with speeds up to 81mph. We must point out, just like any other plug-ins; Mercedes-Benz C300de only offers full output in Boost mode. Electricity is provided by 13.5kWh battery pack and with the help of 7.4kW battery charger, full charging needs 1.5 hours when done through Mercedes-Benz Wallbox.

Mercedes-Benz C300deMercedes-Benz C300deMercedes-Benz C300deMercedes-Benz C300de

If conventional domestic power socket is sued, then the time increases to 5 hours for full charging. Fuel consumption test has become more stringent, but Mercedes-Benz C300de claims to offer 1.4-1.6 liter per 100km in NEDC. Combined electric consumption is 18.7kWh-19.1kWh per 100km. Mercedes will also add plug-in hybrid gasoline model soon and will have similar setup to E300e. Sale of Mercedes-Benz C300de will commence from middle of next year and AMG Line body kit would be available too.

Mercedes-Benz C300deMercedes-Benz C300deMercedes-Benz C300deMercedes-Benz C300de

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