Mercedes-AMG has no intentions on racing AMG One at Le Mans

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Mercedes-AMG Project One Hypercar 1

Tobias Moers, boss of Mercedes-AMG said that they have no plans to using upcoming AMG One hypercar to compete in hypercar segment at the Le Mans. Mercedes has no interest in taking on the Aston Martin Valkyrie. We have known that launch of AMG One hypercar has been facing delays and deliveries are expected to begin from 2021. Strangely, the date does give amazing chance to enter into the hypercar series. Nonetheless, Moers has serious doubt about racing AMG One at Le Mans and he shared his views in an interview with Top Gear.

Mercedes-AMG Project One Hypercar Mercedes-AMG Project One Hypercar

In this interview, he said that he was curious about how it is going to work and is familiar with engagement regarding the Valkyrie. Few customers have asked him about Mercedes-AMG One, but he is curious to see how such an expensive vehicle will run in a special series under “Balance of Performance conditions”. He doesn’t think this is the right way. However, he is excited to see those expensive and powerful vehicles racing together, but is he has concern about the same. Tobias Moers is not excited to invest so much money in BoP-oriented racing.

Mercedes-AMG Project One Hypercar Mercedes-AMG Project One Hypercar

Racers competing in this hypercar segment of World Endurance Championship must follow recently formulated regulations. They must have a maximum weight if 1100kg and an output of 738hp. Participants can choose if they want to have their racer to feature hybrid powertrain. Moreover, Aston martin has announced that race-spec Valkyrie will be dependent on the Cosworth-developed V12 engine whereas Toyota will use hybrid powertrain. For Aston martin, this hypercar class is another way to promote Valkyrie and establish t as force to be reckoned with. Mercedes-AMG doesn’t feel it is necessary considering they have won five consecutive world championship in Formula 1.

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