Mercedes-AMG Hypercar snapped at CES 2017

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Mercedes-AMG Hypercar

Mercedes Benz revealed the second teaser image of the upcoming AMG hypercar at the 2017 CES. The Mercedes-AMG Hypercar is strictly limited. It is not determined yet that how many cars will be built, but   it is aiming 200 to 300 examples for the production line. Ola Kallenius is the Mercedes Benz R&D chief. He told the media at CES that the guys at AMG have its own interpretation in its 50th anniversary. During a presentation it was snapped by the GTspirit. The image shows the aerodynamic body and the rear end of the car.

Mercedes-AMG Hypercar

The Mercedes-AMG Hypercar will be revealed at the IAA Frankfurt Motor Show in September. It will celebrate AMG‘s 50th Anniversary. No additional details regarding the car are revealed. The most noticeable elements are the Le Mans style central fin running the length of the hypercar, the large roof scoop. It also has two massive NACA ducts to feed cool air into the engine bay.  Its prominent rear haunches are also very attractive.

The Mercedes-AMG Hypercar is powered by a V6 turbocharged 1.6 liter engine mated to an energy recovery and hybrid system. It comes directly from the brand’s championship winning Formula One Car. Though the internal combustion will not rev as fast as the F1 car. But still it will spin at over 10,000 rpm. So around 1,000 HP is being targeted. In terms of price the Mercedes-AMG Hypercar aims to sell the hypercar for around 2 million Euro excluding the taxes. This means it will retail for around 2.4 million euro in Europe. It will be homologated for all the markets worldwide.

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