Mercedes-AMG Hypercar Might Reinvent Lap Times at Nurburgring

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Mercedes-AMG Hypercar Project One

The high performance division of Mercedes-Benz is the AMG. The division has come up with their latest offering titled Project One. It is the hybrid Mercedes-AMG Hypercar. Tobias Moers is the head of the Mercedes-AMG division. Moers is confident about the hybrid hypercar. He further believes that the car will finish Nurburgring lap quicker than A45. Moers shared his thoughts about the Mercedes-AMG Hypercar at the Geneva Motor Show with Roads & Track. He said that A45 finishes lapping the circuit in less than 8 minutes.

Project One won’t be quicker than the Stefan Bellof’s second lap of 6:11.13. However, the hypercar has the ability to be faster than Lamborghini Huracan Performante. There is a remarkable thing about the Mercedes-AMG Hypercar. It is that the car’s performance targets indicate its fuel efficiency in comparison to A45. The hypercar will be packed with most effective engine ever built. The engine of the Mercedes-AMG Hypercar is the blend of most effective combustion engine. It is over 40% in thermal efficiency when compared to a Formula One engine.

The latter engine option is only 47% while the former is 41%. The figures mentioned above reveal that the hypercar’s engine is the most combustive engine in existence. The engine comes blended with front wheeled motors revealed Moers. Tobias also added that the hypercar has the potential of recording intense lap times consistently. This will be done sans the loss of any electrical power. The hypercar will be having its world premiere at the Frankfurt Show. The show will be held in the month of September.

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