Mercedes AMG GT R Prices Revealed for US Market

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Mercedes AMG GT R

Mercedes AMG GT R is all set to launch this summer for dealers of US. This brand new car will cost up of $157,000. This price will be for both Roadster and Coupe form. Mercedes AMG GT R will occupy its right place on the lead of the product range. However, the car will feature motorsport technology. It is developed on the Nurburgring Nordschleife. It is the one of most demanded racing tracks in the world.

Mercedes AMG GT R will have biturbo 4.0litre V8 engine. The engine will deliver 577 horsepower (585 PS) and torque of 516 lb-ft (700 Nm). Due to this, the car can accelerate up to 62mph within 3.6 seconds. Moreover, it can reach to the top speed of 198mph. Mercedes AMG GT R is faster than the GT S version. It is faster by 5 mph and by 0.2 seconds for 62 mph. However, there are many exclusive features in this GT R version. It consists of highly modified suspension, active back-wheel steering and active aerodynamics. Moreover, the car features adjustable nine way traction control and exclusive lightweight construction.

Mercedes AMG GT R is undoubtedly an exclusive car. People still might have doubts about the specialty of the car. In that case, one can look back in December. Sport Auto drove Mercedes AMG GT R around the Nurburgring Nordschleife. It just took 7:10.92 seconds to cover. Well, this means the car is faster by one second than Dodge Viper ACR.

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