McLaren Senna GTR makes impressive public debut at Goodwood

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After months of news and anticipation, McLaren has revealed the new Senna GTR. Track-version of GTR made its debut at 77th Goodwood Members Meeting. The McLaren Senna GTR was driven by Aryton’s nephew Bruno Senna. To emphasize Senna GTR as most extreme creation in F1 realm, McLaren made several changes so that it stands out easily. During the event, Bruno Senna said that Aryton would have been impressed by McLaren Senna GTR and appreciate its purity and performance. Bruno piloted the Senna GTR in a track parade ahead of vehicles such as road-legal Senna, P1 GTR and F1 XP5 prototype.

McLaren Senna GTR retains some aero components from road-legal version and thus offers a downforce of 1, 000kg. Major difference between the two are a large front splitter, repositioned active rear wing, wide fenders and a rear diffuser. At lower speed, it will generate greater downforce thanks to wing and the airflow coming from the diffuser. Additionally, it also features center-lock wheels, updated aerodynamic performance along with wider tracks front and rear. Suspension comprises of geometry, springs, dampers and anti-roll bars. These three features are developed by McLaren GT3 Customer Racing Programme.

Power in the McLaren Senna GTR comes from twin-turbo 4.0-liter V8 engine. This offers an output of 825PS (814hp) and 800 Nm of torque. It is 25hp more than road-legal version. Dry weight of Senna GTR is 1,188kg with power-to-weight ratio of 684hp/tonne. Price of each McLaren Senna GTR would be $1.65 million excluding taxes. Only 75 lucky customers can get their hands on it. Deliveries will begin from September. For now, just watch how the Senna GTR rolls down the track at Goodwood.

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