McLaren Senna in Green over Tan makes it alluring over others

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When it comes to sports car, the choice of green over tan on Jaguar, Bentley, Aston Martin and Morgan will all look enticing. Now, image if the car is none other than McLaren Senna. We have already seen many Senna models gone through some wild but interesting tuning and one must admit they all look eye-catching. Nonetheless, this particular McLaren Senna will certainly blow your mind away. The owner of this car is Phil and judging by his latest addition it seems that he has a taste for classic. Judging by the first look, it looks tasteful without going over-the-top.

This particular McLaren Senna uses Oak Green Metallic for the exterior. Phil didn’t opt for the traditional British Racing Green or any other color options provided by McLaren’s MSO catalogue. Incidentally, this is the same color used by Ferdinand Porsche to paint his own car. Nonetheless, Oak Green Metallic is made to feel at home on the Senna as it used to on the 911 or 356. The interior of this tuned McLaren Senna has deep orange ting similar to older version of Jaguar or Aston Martin.

Few additional changes have been to this McLaren Senna as it comprises of plenty of matte carbon trim. There is a special kiwi-bird logo, grab straps installed in the doors to make it easier to close. The accelerator pedal inscribed with the words Never Lift. Since, it is a downforce car, it relies heavily on downforce produced from engrossing aero kit. Lastly, there is large rear wing. Phil does have a terrific sense of humour as it is evident from his personalized car. Watch the attached video to get a closer inspection of this stunning beauty.

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