McLaren P1 GT showcased by Lanzante ahead of official debut

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McLaren P1 GT by Lanzante 1

Not many people would believe that final McLaren P1 was built three years ago. Now again it is hitting the spotlight as first pictures of the P1 GT has been released by Lanzante. This beautiful supercar is set to make its debut at Goodwood Festival of Speed. McLaren P1 GT stands out amongst the crowd through its dark green exterior along with prominent carbon fiber front splitter. It is also equipped with additional vents, a massive rear wing and a larger roof-mounted intake. There are other changes in it such as four tailpipe exhaust system and a modified rear diffuser.

McLaren P1 GT by Lanzante McLaren P1 GT by Lanzante

The interior of McLaren P1 GT has been given tweaking that gives it a premium look. For instance, steering wheels is covered with carbon fiber with green leather grips. Several changes are present too but hard to spot. Nonetheless, few noticeable features are green door panels, two-tone seats and a special badge on driver’s side. It seems that McLaren P1 GT is based on P1 GTR. McLaren P1 GTR is powered with twin-turbo 3.8 liter V8 engine that offers 789 horsepower. The vehicle also features lightweight electric motor that further contributes in providing an additional 197 horsepower. Hence, the overall output of McLaren P1 GTR by this setup is 986 horsepower.

McLaren P1 GT by Lanzante McLaren P1 GT by Lanzante McLaren P1 GT by Lanzante

We still don’t know if Lanzante modified the engine, but we expect that P1 GT would be lighter than the stock version. McLaren P1 LM incorporated weight saving measures such as removal of air-jack system and glass windows has been replaced with lighter polycarbonate units. All these changes make it 59kg lighter than GTR. Autocar reports that McLaren P1 GT draws inspiration from the McLaren F1 GT Longtail and is commissioned by a resident based in Middle East.

McLaren P1 GT by Lanzante McLaren P1 GT by Lanzante McLaren P1 GT by Lanzante

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