McLaren P1 celebrates its 5th anniversary

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McLaren P1 5thAnniversary 0

We all got to lay our eyes on the enigmatic McLaren P1 in the year 2012 at Paris Motor Show. It was revealed as design study at that time and one must remember that McLaren F1 hypercar set the foundation for the golden era. McLaren managed to sell over 375 units of this model even before P1 was delivered. The British carmaker claims that no two P1 are same and they have been customized according to the owner’s specifications. With McLaren P1, aerodynamics performance was prioritized and because of it 600 kg of downforce was produced. The top speed was electronically limited to 217mph.

McLaren P1 5th AnniversaryMcLaren P1 5th Anniversary

F1 styled DRS was incorporated in the McLaren P1 and to change the pitch of the rear wing which reduces rag and increases straight line speed. McLaren P1 was one of the first Ultimate Series McLaren and it drastically reduces the mass and the dry weight is tipped at 1,395kg. At the core of the P1, there is stiff and lightweight carbon fiber MonoCage. The main body panels also use the same materials. For the interior carbon components, McLaren has ditched the applying of resin on top layer. By doing this they have managed to save 1.5kg and the cabin also incorporates super-thin and super-light glass sans sound-deadening material.

McLaren P1 5th AnniversaryMcLaren P1 5th Anniversary

The power in the McLaren P1 comes from 3.8 liter twin-turbo V8 engine that produces 727hp and an electric motor that churns out 176hp. The total output of the car stands at 903hp and it takes 2.8 seconds to accelerate to 62mph. To reach the target of 124mph it takes 6.8 seconds and for 186mph it takes 16.5 seconds. McLaren P1 can be driven on its electric power completely and it can travel up to 6.8 miles. For now admire the attached image of the picturesque hypercar.

McLaren P1 5th AnniversaryMcLaren P1 5th Anniversary

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