McLaren P1 Announced to Launch the Fastest Hypercar Series Named P15

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McLaren P1

The McLaren P1 is still now having a fresh existence in our memory. Still, the British marque has announced the launch of the latest and the faster series. Autocar reported that the new car would be named the McLaren P15. And this P15 will be the fastest one compared to other McLaren cars, except P1 GTR. The new hypercar is expected to ditch the heavy hybrid power train of the P1 GTR and P1. The new car will be featured with the V8 engine, which can deliver 789 hp.

McLaren P1 McLaren P1

Whereas, P1 can produce 930 hp. The P15 car is assumed to have a lighter weight with 1300 kg. Hence, the P15 will have a better power to weight than the other cars. Therefore, the P15 will be most probably slot between P1 and 720S. McLaren P15 is assumed to be the fastest car compared to P1 GTR and P1. Hence, wholeheartedly thanks to its widespread use of active aerodynamics.

McLaren P1 McLaren P1

All the body panel of the new P15 supercar will be made from carbon. The supercar will also be road legal despite having the racing focused nature. The supercar P15 will only be produced in 500 units. And from the McLaren sources, it was also declared that the car would not have any particular edition or convertible derivatives. Therefore, it was stated that the price of the P15 would start at around $ 814000 (700000).

McLaren P1 McLaren P1

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