McLaren 720S gains a Carbon Fiber Active Rear Spoiler for US market

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Buyers in US who are going to purchase McLaren 720S Coupe or Spider, they can now get it with the MSO Defined carbon fiber active rear spoiler. It is achieved as a post-production optional extra. Price of the spoiler is $9,717.07 which was earlier available as a factory option only. This includes a two year warranty and can be matched to other existing visual carbon fiber exterior elements just like from the Exterior Carbon Fiber Packs. Tony Joseph, McLaren’s North America president said as pioneer of carbon fiber use in automotive industry way back in 1981, carbon fiber is a core part of McLaren’s DNA.

McLaren 720S MSO Active Rear Spoiler US

Since then it has been found in every road car they have produced since 1994. Furthermore, he said that apart from addition of carbon fiber chassis has been in heart of all McLaren sports and supercars with carbon fiber can be utilized in other areas too. Visual carbon fiber doesn’t look great on the eyes, but also can offer weight savings that is critical for many McLaren customers and enthusiasts. Carbon packs for McLaren 720S can be dressed on hood air intakes, rear fender air intakes, door mirror casings, front splitter, rear bumper, front air intakes and the roof. All these visually complements carbon fiber active rear spoiler.

McLaren 720S MSO Active Rear Spoiler US

With regards to working of wings, it is hydraulically operated and can act as an airbrake. It consist of three main operational positions which are Driver downforce (70%-80% wing deployment), DRS (30% wing deployment) and High Speed Braking (100% airbrake deployment in less than 0.5 seconds) respectively. During High Speed Braking, wing can shift aero-balance by 20% to improve high speed braking stability and overall braking distances. We have attached few images of McLaren 720S with this pack.

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