Mazda RX may go for a turbocharged rotary engine

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Mazda has given a hint about including a turbo engine for its RX VISION concept. The concept of Mazda RX has been revealed at Tokyo Motor Show, last year. During the event Mazda RX revealed its all new VISION concept. Mazda added further that a SKYACTIV R rotary engine’s work is in progress. However, they did not provide any detailed report regarding this. Tetsushi Marutani revealed a little about this new engine. He is the drivetrain and powertrain assistant manager of the company.

Marutani said that a rotary engine would require more torque at lower speed. A turbocharger is probably the best solution for it. This shall ensure more torque early in rpm range. This idea seems to be nice and can benefit the buyer in various ways. However this does not mean that the rotary engine is going to be a turbo. But it is likely that Mazda RX is seriously thinking to consider a turbo. Technical specs regarding this have not been disclosed by Tetsushi Marutani. According to rumors, there might be a twin 1.6 liter displacement with more 402 hp. If this happens then it is going to be really a nice thing for car lovers.

The RX revival model may appear next year. This will be during the celebration of 50 years of rotary engine. This all new Mazda RX design may also appear during the year 2020. The company will celebrate its centenary during that time. Mazda RX will introduce new technologies, AWD, gearboxes, and new engines during these events. One can surely expect a great deal of novelties from Mazda RX in the years to appear in future. The company came up with a nicely done KODO design language. Let’s hope for the best to arrive in near future, as Mazda is one of the experts in the matter of tech specs and all. The Mazda RX VISION thus awaits the right time and date to reveal its real self with the most anticipated specs from the company.

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    I drove RX 7’s in 80’s and 90’s and loved the cars. Light weight, quick and looked gorgeous. I really didn’t care low fuel efficiency and bad emission at that time. After all, I was driving a sport car. Now, in 2016, I see many of great 2 litter 4 cylinder turbo engines on the public pavrment. I feel like buying one if MAZDA puts a nice 4 banger into the year 90 model RX 7 and sell it at low 20k for a working man.

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    Mazda 626