Mazda reveals detail regarding their new rotary drivetrain

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Mazda’s rotary engine fans around the world grieved regarding the loss unique powertrain. They hoped and waited for its eventual return. In an era, where emission standards are becoming more stringent and exponential fuel economy requirements, for many it seemed that rotary engine won’t ever surface again and was set to become a thing of past. Nonetheless, whispers regarding revival of rotary engine didn’t seem to die down and makes appearance quite often than not. Now, we have a new report from Ichiro Hirose who is the executive charge of powertrain development at Mazda. Australia based motor publication Drive had an encounter with Ichiro Hirose during 2019 Geneva Motor Show.

At this marque event Mazda was celebrating the unveiling of the new CX-30. There are more to it than just a revelation of a crossover. During the event, new report surfaced again about the rotary engine technology. According to the head of powertrain development, initially it conceived as a range extender. But now it has become a much more versatile powerplant with recent technology breakthrough. He further stated that new flexible rotary hybrid powerplant which is currently in development is so advanced and efficient that it can be sold to any market in the world. It is applicable to countries where emission regulations are stricter.

Ichiro Hirose described the setup similar to that of Toyota Prius. Prius which uses hybrid powertrain is versatile enough to generate electricity but also is able to power the drive wheels when required. This technology is named as XEV and might make appearance in other production cars that might be in Australia. However, we are expecting it in Mazda home country of Japan in few years’ time. It is a promising news regarding rotary powertrain and we will have for it to see it rejuvenated.


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