Mazda MX-5 gets two new tuning packages from BBR

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Mazda MX-5 BBR Tuning

One of the leading Mazda tuning companies in the world BBR, has come up with special packages to make Mazda MX-5 punchier. UK based tuning company is offering upgrades for 2019MY onwards that drastically increases output from the 2.0-liter SkyActiv-G engine offering unforgettable driving experience. The first tuning package for Mazda MX-5 is dubbed as Super 200. It includes BBR’s cold air intake system, stainless steel exhaust manifold, K&N air filter and StarChip ECU remap. It lifts output by 18hp and 14 Nm of torque. Hence, tuned Mazda MX-5 offers 199hp (202 PS/ 149 kW) and 224 Nm of torque.

Mazda MX-5 BBR Tuning

Price of the self-install tuning package begins from £1,245 ($1,583/€1,399) without tax that is destined for export markets. UK based tuning company is also converting Mazda MX-5 at their headquarter situated in Brackley for an asking price of £1445 ($1,837/€1,624) and includes taxes. The second tuning package for Mazda MX-5 is called Super 220 package. It is expensive and is priced at £2,235 ($2,842/€2,511) and £2,895 ($3,681/€3,253) respectively excluding taxes. For this extra price, petrol burner becomes more powerful. Inclusion of Super 200’s mechanical components and high-performance camshafts, valve springs and retainers, peak output is able to reach 218hp and over 217 Nm of torque during internal testing using 99-Octane gasoline.

Mazda MX-5 BBR TuningMazda MX-5 BBR Tuning

Aforementioned packages have a 12 to 36 months extendable warranty. Neil McKay who is managing director of BBR said that this is the first time over 100hp per liter has been achieved from a naturally aspirated motor without modifying internals. He further stated that with inclusion of bespoke performance camshafts BBR is able to achieve more than 110hp per liter. BBR has also other upgrades for the Mazda MX-5. For instance, there is 2.5-inch center exhaust section with a choice of rear silencers for Super 200 and Super 220. It adds few more horsepower and 4 into 1 high flow, tuned length stainless steel exhaust manifold that incorporates a performance catalytic converter.

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