Maybach 57s Tuned by Fab Design is for Sale Now

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Maybach 57s

During the time of late 90’s, Mercedes- Benz launched Maybach model number 57 and 62. The car became famous due to its ultra- luxury features. The supercar with its entirely ultra- luxury saloon segment has evolved, in order to add the ultimate features and technology in the car. To ride comfortably one needs to have a new large luxury saloon segment. We have a variety of options in the present market, with the luxury saloon series in order to ride in a non-compromising way. This Maybach 57s tuned up by Fab Designs is ready for sale.

Maybach 57s Maybach 57s Maybach 57s 10 Maybach 57s

We still remember the previous model of Mercedes- Benz, as the car was also having an extra-ordinary features as a wide body and from Fab Design. Fab Design is known and regarded by all of us for its special features. The features of the car, which made it special from other supercars in the market is, the wide body of the car is made out of carbon fiber. The engine of the car is designed as apron and optimized.

Maybach 57s Maybach 57s Maybach 57s Maybach 57s

The power of the supercar is up to 680 horses. The top speed of the car is 310 km/h (192 mph). Fab Design has the potetil to compete with Mercedes- Benz Maybach 57s Saloon. Hence, the supercar is now for sale, though the seller did not mention the value for which he is actually ready to sale the car. This behaviour is alike most of the car sellers as they wanted to have personal words with the potential customer regarding the selling value of the car.

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