Lykan HyperSport designer unveils new Roadster model

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Lykan HyperSport

There’s a new and extremely stunning sport car coming your way in the year 2016, in Dubai. The great minds behind this project have already made their mark as exponents in this particular field of automotive industry, long back. The renowned Jannarelly is the idea of this person named Anthony Jannarelly, who is the chief and leading designer behind Lykan HyperSport, Frederic Juillot, Fenyr SuperSport and he is also the owner of Equation Composite, which produces carbon fiber parts.

Primarily focused on automotive emotions, the new brand and this will be entirely related to creativity and self expression and the purpose behind this initiative will be nothing but to allow full freedom and liberty in absolute performance and self customization. This super duo is currently unveiling and announcing their first project together, which has got the Design-1 name. The design and shape of this Roadster model from Lykan HyperSport are quite similar to that of retro Roadster models of the 1950s and 1960s. This shall give a retro feel all together along with modern day enhancements, thus offering a perfect combination.

This two seater vehicle form Lykan HyperSport features a tubular frame made of steel, structured aluminum panels for the chassis and it will be powered by V6 DOHC (mid rear) 24 valve engine. Most of the car’s body will be made out of carbon fiber and fiberglass. The finishing touches to the first prototype of this Lykan HyperSport model is in progress, by the two specialists and it will be completed and made ready by the early February and will be showcased and presented before the spectators in Dubai.

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