Lucid Motors might unveil Air-based Electric SUV later this year

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Lucid Motors Air

Lucid Motors unveiled Air almost two years ago and till now, it is only luxury sedan from the company confirmed for production. Nonetheless, according to The Verge, a second model is all set to be revealed inform of a new SUV. It will be newest member in the range and might be announced by this summer. Company’s Chief Technology Officer, Peter Rawlinson said in an interview they have future models and later this year, they will in position to clarify about it. With the help of Lucid Air platform, they can accommodate more vehicles other than Air.

Lucid Motors Air Lucid Motors Air

Lucid Motors has been thinking about SUV for quite some time now. Documents from 2016 claims to have an outline for crossovers and full-sized sedan. Unfortunately, they hit a snag two years back and admitted that they needed money to bring Air into production. This help came from Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF) by the end of 2018. Investment Group pledged more than $1 billion to Lucid Motors for an undisclosed stake in the company. However, United States government is yet to approve this deal.

Lucid Motors Air Lucid Motors Air

Peter Rawlinson claims that Lucid Motors made significant stride before help came from Saudi’s Investment Group. He commended his engineers and technologist for continue working on with their computer modeling on a relatively limited budget. Those months of hard work paid dividend and fastened significant advancements in our technology. Lucid Motors plans commence production by the year 2020. Price would exceed $100,000 and company strongly believes that they won’t need any further investments.

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