Lucid Air with two-color options showcased at Monterey

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Lucid Air Monterey 1

Matching up to Tesla success in electric vehicle segment is not easy, but Lucid Motors is keeping in competitive. Faraday Future is another startup who is doing their best. Lucid Air is developed with a clean sheet and it also has no internal combustion engine. With respect to size of Lucid Air, it is similar to the Mercedes-Benz E-Class. It is their second prototype and the last one they revealed it in 2016. What makes this version unique is that it comes with two-tone paint. The body has predominantly dark grey finish which is complemented by silver elements.

Lucid Air MontereyLucid Air Monterey

Lucid Motors are seriously eyeing some investments and they are using this event to attract some. They are planning to bring Air into production by 2019 provided that they could get enough funding. Some report suggested that they were planning to sell it to Ford Motor Company. However, it seems that American car maker is not interested in this electric startup. To make Lucid Air into a reality, they need to keep on raising funds. Their $700 million factory in Arizona will be worthless if they don’t get enough support.

Lucid Air MontereyLucid Air Monterey

If Lucid Motors wants Air to be turned into a reality, the need to first stage of $240 million for the factory to be completed. It will help them to produce around 8,000 to 10,000 units every year which will eventually lead to 130,000 units by the year 2022. This electric car will have a massive interior space and will be autonomous. It will also have 1000 horsepower with 400 miles of range. Let us hope that it gets some serious funding so that it could give Tesla a stiff competition.

Lucid Air MontereyLucid Air Monterey

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