Lucid Air to go into production by late 2020 as they begin building their factory

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Lucid Motors revealed the Air almost three years ago which was originally slated to go into production in 2018. But just like any other electric startup company, it faced with several problems including lack of funding. The company acknowledged this issue in the year 2017 and at that time rumors going around that they are attempting to sell itself to Ford. Fortunately, or unfortunately, it never happened and the monetary issue was resolved after Saudi Arabia’s sovereign wealth fund agreed to invest $1 billion into Lucid Motors.

Lucid Air

Now, the monetary issue was resolved, Lucid Motors is going ahead with its plan. The company announced that they have broken ground for their upcoming factory in Casa Grande, in Arizona. At this point there is not much to talk about, but the automaker did say that grading began in September. Currently, they are now drilling and forming the caissons that will provide the structural foundation of the facility. Since, work has just begun, Lucid said that plant will begin making the Air by the late 2020. It is an ambitious timeline but thankfully pieces of the puzzle have started to fall into place.

Entry level Lucid Air is set to be priced from $52,500 after including tax incentives. According to automaker, Lucid Air offers superior comfort, a better user interface and better performance than comparably priced Mercedes-Benz and BMW vehicles. Base variant of Lucid Air will be rear-wheel drive ad have an electric powertrain that offers 400hp. On a single charge, it has a range of 240 miles. Customers can also opt for larger battery that offers 315 miles or 400 miles on a single charge. We are also expecting an all-wheel drive version with 1,000hp.

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