Lotus SUV Upcoming Vision looks Really Good for Future

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Lotus SUV

Lotus SUV will take more four to five years to launch. However, there is no idea about the look of this upcoming car. Angelo Polo Gallardo has rendered a rough sketch of the car. If the finished product resemble even the slightest of it, it will be very interesting. Lotus SUV has yet much time to hit the streets. However, it is not possible to determine its look.  The car will comprise of certain familiar elements.

The designer has used many known Lotus design substances. Moreover, he has merged these elements. This resulted into something compact and sporty SUV. Well, this can be little bit smaller than Audi Q2. Moreover, the car could be sold as three-door. There is even more to know about the side windows and the windshield. These parts have been painted. However, Lotus SUV will have an aggressive shape. It is steeply angled towards the front end. However, the front end is relatively low. The doors of the car possess character lines. It stretches up from above the wheel arches of the front. However, it stretches more past the side small windows, along the B-pillars.

Lotus SUV will feature many noteworthy elements of design. These elements include angular taillights and headlights. Moreover, it even will feature a set of big wheels and common yellow and green paint scheme. However, the British automaker has not still given thumbs up for the car’s production. It will just seem inexorable when it will happen. Lotus SUV will be one of the lightest weight sporty cars in the market.

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