Lotus Evija Hypercar will make its public debut at Monterey Car Week

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2020 Lotus Evija

Set to become world’s most powerful road, Lotus Evija is all-set to make its public world debut at next month’s Monterey Car Week. This news was confirmed by Lotus officials while speaking with CNET and will be on display during The Quail: A Motorsports Gathering on 16th August. Monterey Car Week is known for attracting world’s most expensive automobiles and Lotus is hoping to lock some orders for this all-electric hypercar at this week-long automotive event held in California. Since, its global premiere, only a handful of customers and journalist were lucky enough to see it after couple of weeks.

2020 Lotus Evija2020 Lotus Evija2020 Lotus Evija

Lotus Evija hypercar looks stunning in pictures and video, and we are expecting it to be even more impressive in flesh. Power in the Lotus Evija comes from four electric motors that offers a combined output of 1,973hp and 1,700Nm of torque. Lotus claims that this all-electric hypercar takes under three seconds to hit 62 mph and 9 seconds to hit 186 mph. Top speed of Evija is in excess of 200 mph. Evija promises to deliver unmatched staring-line acceleration for any production car, but also claims to offer huge amounts of downforce.

2020 Lotus Evija2020 Lotus Evija2020 Lotus Evija

Lotus is targeting lap record at the Nurburgring with help from its massive 70 kWh battery pack. As many would have guessed by now, this rare hypercar won’t be cheap and have limited production run. Only 130 units will be made and to secure one-unit, prospective buyer would have to deposit $310,177 and price starts from $2.1 million. Wait for few couple of weeks and we would see this enigma is physical form.

2020 Lotus Evija2020 Lotus Evija2020 Lotus Evija

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