Lotus Esprit S1 is available for sale on eBay

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Lotus Esprit S1

The Lotus Esprit S1 will always be remembered as one of the most iconic British sports cars. The vehicle was revealed in the year 1975 at the Paris Motor Show. The original model of the Lotus Esprit S1 lauded a great improvement in styling over the Europa model. The car offered even more performance along with a new engine unit and a new gearbox as well. The company manufactured only 718 units of the Lotus Esprit S1 between the year 1976 and 1978. The Esprit S1s are pretty rare to find on the used market and that too in a good condition.

Lotus Esprit S1Lotus Esprit S1

The Lotus Esprit S1 for sale on eBay in California is a fully restored model. It seems several enthusiasts will be interested and excited in this matter. This model was produced in the month of May of 1978. This Lotus Esprit S1 is one of the last S1 models. After this model phased out, the S2 was produced. However, this Lotus Esprit S1 received few S2 features luckily due to the late production time frame. You can find S2 features like the dual motors for pop up headlights. There are few extra body to chassis attachment points as well.

Lotus Esprit S1Lotus Esprit S1

There is a high quality silver finish on the exterior. You will be able to find things like stainless steel exhaust, Griffin aluminum radiator, Epsilon 3 piece wheels and Koni shocks. There are powder coated chassis and suspension components as well. The interior is entirely finished in an Alcantara like material. It features the original steering wheel, switches, shift knob, curved dash and dials. The original 4 cylinder engine of 2.0 liter was fully rebuilt. Only a distance of 3,000 miles have been driven since then. The total distance covered by this Lotus Esprit S1 33,030 miles. It has not been mentioned whether the model is a 160 hp European version or a 140 hp American version. The model is available on eBay for an amount of $59,900.

Lotus Esprit S1Lotus Esprit S1

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