Lister LFT-666 is a stunning Jaguar F-Type based supercar

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Lister LFT-666 Jaguar F-Type

If you remember Jaguar F-Type prototype then you will be glad to see a sweeter version of it by British tuner Lister. It is renamed as Lister LFT-666 and it comes to new look and more power. Here is a set of renderings and is a production-ready model. It gains newly designed body panels that is made from carbon fiber. Several parts have been replaced such as grille, front bumper, splitter, diffuser, lip spoiler and extended wheel arches. Other changes include set of lightweight alloy wheels that wears Michelin tires.

Lister LFT-666 Jaguar F-Type

All these changes in the Lister LFT-666 give birth to stronger and a lighter car that has improved aerodynamics on road and tracks. With the reworked suspension, Lister LFT-666 is a much faster than the stock version. Apart from tweaking with the exterior of LFT-666 by Lister, British Aftermarket Company made some changes in the inside. It can be found around seat design and steering wheel. The powertrain remains untouched from the previous Lister creation. Hence, it comes with 5.0 liter supercharged V8 units that offers 666PS or 657hp. The name “666” derives from this reading.

Lister LFT-666 is now able to accelerate from 0 to 62mph in in just over 3 seconds time and can reach the top speed in excess of 200mph. The first Lister LFT-666 will be delivered on 1st October. Only 99 units of Lister LFT-666 will be made. Other than Jaguar inspired LFT-666, the tuning company is also offering wheel and exterior enhancements for the standard versions. The price of this kit will start from £9,750 in the UK which will be available worldwide. They will get a new moniker which is Lister LFT sans no horsepower denotation.

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