Lister Knobbly Sports car revealed with stunning aesthetics

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Lister Knobbly

Lawrence Whittaker, head of Lister showcased company’s latest Knobbly sports car. With regards to aesthetics, Lister Knobbly has curvaceous front grille which is reminiscence of old Knobbly from the 1950s. Apart from grille, it has round headlights and a hood that seems to stretch to the end. Lister Knobbly is speedster is every sense just like Ferrari Monza. It has an open cabin with a tiny windshield with small side windows. Lawrence earlier confirmed that they are “working”, but at that point of time no one knows if it going to be built. Now, we have confirmation regarding the production of Lister Knobbly.

Apart from this confirmation, no additional details were provided by head of the company. We are unaware regarding the powertrain that is going to be used on Lister Knobbly nor we know how much it is going to cost. Whether it is going to be road-legal or how many units of this sports is planned is also not known. Hence, we will have to wait for additional details to surface. Nonetheless, if buyers are thinking of putting money in Ferrari Monza, they could wait a little longer to see what exactly Lister is offering for buyers.

According to Top Gear, Lister has close relationship with Jaguar, they might use their powertrain. Hence, we could see either V6 or V8 from F-Type. If Lister does decide to use Jaguar range-topping supercharged 5.0-liter V8 engine, output would be 666hp. The same powertrain is used on F-Type based Lister Thunder. For now, enjoy the single image released of this sports car.

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