Lightyear One Prototype revealed as world’s first long-range solar car

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Lightyear has revealed their newest prototype dubbed as One which is dubbed as world’s first long-range solar car. Lightyear One Prototype is designed to solve traditional electric vehicle problems like a lack of charging infrastructure and other dirty methods of producing electricity. Lightyear One Prototype is equipped with solar cells on the hood and roof. The solar panels take an area if 53.8 square feet and are fully covered by safety glass. It is reported that it is strong enough that a grown adult can walk on top it without making any dents.

Lightyear One PrototypeLightyear One Prototype

Nonetheless, the amount of electricity generated by panels will vary with Lightyear claiming that the model can be able to travel an extra 31-43 miles range every day during a summer in Netherlands. Over the course of a year, Lightyear stated that the vehicle could generate approximately 700 kWh of electricity. Company isn’t disclosing any information regarding powertrain but One has four in-wheel electric motors and a relatively small battery. It claims that Lightyear One Prototype has range of 450 miles according to Worldwide Harmonized Light Vehicle Test Procedure.

Lightyear One PrototypeLightyear One Prototype

One cannot always count on sun thus; One Prototype is equipped with traditional charging capabilities. Lightyear claims that using an ordinary 230V socket, overnight charging would make it capable of giving it 249 miles of range. One of the reasons for impressive range is because of aerodynamic shape. Company is finalizing the design, but current drag coefficient is estimated to be under 0.20. Furthermore, it is enhanced by aerodynamic wheels, digital side mirrors and semi-blocked off rear wheel openings. Even though it is still un prototype, Lightyear is planning to launch production model in 2021. First 100 vehicles are already spoken for, but reservation slots for 400 units is still open and can be booked for €119,000 (£106,618).

Lightyear One PrototypeLightyear One Prototype

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