Li Xiang One arrives with hybrid powertrain and six-seats

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Li Xiang One

The list of Chinese automakers is growing steadily and latest one is Li Xiang. When translated into English Li Xiang means “Leading Ideal”. They have showcased their first production vehicle and dubbed as Li Xiang One. Power in Li Xiang One comes from hybrid powertrain that consist of 1.2-liter turbocharged petrol engine and electric motor. However, unlike other hybrid powertrains, 1.2-liter engine acts as range extender to recharge the battery and not to power the wheels. The setup offers a combined output of 326hp and 530 Nm of torque. On a single charge, it offers driving range of 700 kilometers.

Li Xiang OneLi Xiang OneLi Xiang One

Li Xiang One is a huge SUV and measures 197-inch-long, 77-inch-wide and 69-inch tall. These dimensions are enough for accommodation of seven seats, but Li Xiang opted for two large seats in the second row instead of three. Thus, it is gives spacious interior. Nonetheless, seven-seater option is also available if buyers wishes to purchase it. Apart from spacious seating arrangements, Li Xiang One comes with four screens for the cabin. There is also a digital instrument cluster and right beside it, there is two large infotainment system.

Li Xiang OneLi Xiang OneLi Xiang OneLi Xiang One

Below the three screens, there is fourth screen which is used to operate other features such as climate control. Inside the cabin, Nappa leather can be found throughout. It is supplied by the same company which also provides the same to BMW. Level 2 autonomous driving system is standard. Price of Li Xiang One is China will be around 400,000 yuan. This large SUV and the brand will make its debut at Shanghai Auto Show.

Li Xiang OneLi Xiang OneLi Xiang One

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