Lancia Aurelia B20GT “Outlaw” restmod by Thornley Kelham is out of the world

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Lancia Aurelia will go down is history as one of the best looking classic cars of the 1950s. However, turning it into something different may sound interesting, but it’s easy. This is exactly what Thornley Kelham and the creation will definitely mesmerize you. Carfection had a golden opportunity to drive and get to know the Lancia Aurelia B20GT “Outlaw” from close quarter. They also talked with the people behind the project. Inspiration behind the project was Giovanni Bracco’s series 1 racing Aurelia. It is one of the most famous nameplate from Lancia. Lancia Aurelia B20GT “Outlaw” has stunning tweaked bodywork that comprises of lowered roofline, wider wings and strengthened chassis.

Lancia Aurelia B20GT by Thornley KelhamLancia Aurelia B20GT by Thornley Kelham

Under the hood of Lancia Aurelia B20GT “Outlaw” lays V6 unit from Flaminia models. However, it was enlarged to 2.8 liters and features fuel injection. To complete amazing exterior, modern brakes and suspension offer unforgettable driving experience. Even the interior of Lancia Aurelia B20GT has been overhauled and gains bespoke components that will suit perfectly to customer’s taste. Few additional components include new pedal box, steering column and seats that improve traditional Italian driving position. As a refinement, leather, wood and metal details can be found inside the cabin.

Thornley Kelham added that Lancia Aurelia B20GT was not in good condition when they received it. Since, many vehicles in good condition are too valuable to tweak with. Thus, Thornley Kelham did a lot of hard work in offering the given “Outlaw”. Only eight units of Aurelia will be made by Thornley Kelham. It goes by the official name of “Fuorilegge” which means “Outlaw” in Italian.

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