Lamborghini Urus off-road package enhances its capabilities

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Not many owners of Lamborghini Urus will take it out on beaten track or even for off-road activity. Nonetheless, if someone is thinking about it then Lamborghini is offering new package for such activity. It is dubbed as “Off-Road Package” and has been detailed in a video which we have attached here. Aesthetically, it stands out among the crowd with the help of steel reinforcement on the bumpers and brushed steel tailpipes. With this option, Lamborghini Urus gains maximum ground clearance by 9.8 inches, which is 1.4 inches more than stock version.

Approach and departure angles at highest position are 27.9 and 28.3 degrees. It helps the SUV to go over obstacles and steep slopes with ease. To further enhance driving capabilities, Terra and Sabbia driving modes increase traction on slippery surfaces especially when driven on grass, mud or sand. Neve driving mode is apt for driving Lamborghini Urus on ice and snow. Hence, these three modes are ideal for handling off-road terrain. Additionally, tarmac owners can opt between Standard, Sport and Corsa modes.

To ensure even great look, there is Washing Package. It sprinkles on windshield, headlights and reversing camera. It is supposed to reduce washer fluid consumption compared to models that doesn’t have it. Since, this package is made for Lamborghini Urus off-roading activities; it is able to carry canoes, bikes, skiing, snowboarding and other equipment thanks to the roof rails. Urus can hit top speed of 190mph and is able to accelerate from 0-60mph in 3.6 seconds.

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