Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 introduced at Frankfurt, pays tribute to Ferdinand Piëch

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Few days back, Lamborghini revealed their first ever hybrid supercar and they have brought it at ongoing Frankfurt Motor Show. It wears Sian FKP 37 moniker and pays tribute to Ferdinand K. Piëch (born in the year 1937) who passed away recently. Ferdinand Piëch helmed Volkswagen Group for many years and also served as Audi’s Chairman of the board between 1993 to 2002. He played an important part in acquisition of Italian automaker in the year 1998. Only 63 units of Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 will be made available and is priced at more than €2 million plus taxes.

Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

Prospective buyers would be disappointed to know that all units have already been spoken for. At this event, company’s CEO Stefano Domenicali said that Prof. Dr. Piëch understood the attraction and potential of Lamborghini brand and how it fit into German group while retaining its unique Italian super sports car identity and design and engineering DNA. He further added that as an engineer and innovator himself, he appreciated appeal of the iconic Lamborghini’s V12 powertrain. Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 combines pioneering hybrid technologies.

Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

Even though moniker has been changed, powertrain in Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 remains same. It comes with mild-hybrid powertrain consisting of 48-volt 34hp electric motor and naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12 unit. Combined output of this setup is an impressive 808hp and enables supercar to sprint from 0-62mph in under 2.8 seconds. Apart from Lamborghini Sian FKP 37, stand also features dedicated areas of Ad Personam and client specs lounges along with special display of Alcantara materials. Visitors would be able to see two Ad Personam renditions of Huracan Evo Spyder and Coupe and updated Urus.

Lamborghini Sian FKP 37 Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

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