Lamborghini eager to introduce 2+2 GT before 2025

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Lamborghini Estoque 1

Sant’Agata based renowned luxury car maker has all but confirmed about a fourth model in their lineup. This news was indirectly confirmed by Lamborghini’s chief executive Stefano Domenicali. Lamborghini are already selling Huracan and Aventador supercars and now with the introduction of Urus SUV, they have third model in their kitty. Now, based on company’s forecasted sales between now and 2025, their family is set to grow if it comes to fruition. If this forecast turns to be true, they have a scope to introduce fourth model.

Lamborghini Estoque

In an interview to Autocar, Stefano Domenicali confirmed that they are working on 2+2 Grand Tourer as their fourth model. Lamborghini projects that with its introduction, company’s annual sales will hit 10,000 mark. He said in the interview that if they manage to stabilize volumes over next few years, they could manage a fourth model. Nonetheless, they are not strong or stable at the moment and thus, not investing in fourth model. As of 2018, Lamborghini they have sold 5,750 units and Domenicali thinks that these three models will help the company to come close to 8,000 mark.

Lamborghini EstoqueLamborghini Estoque

In his opinion, this is the right number for their portfolio and market. However, with the addition of 2+2 Grand Tourer, it will boost sales for the company. The styling inspiration for the fourth model might be derived from Lamborghini Estoque concept. Even though it is decade old, it will be refreshed and updated to maintain future models. Stefano Domenicali didn’t reveal what kind of powertrain will be used on 2+2 Grand Tourer but as the company is moving towards electrification, we are expecting some kind of hybrid system.

Lamborghini EstoqueLamborghini Estoque


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