Lamborghini Aventador S can Drive on Icy Tracks too

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Lamborghini Aventador S is due to release in the Geneva Motor show, and we all know that Aventador has already made its way into production. Now coming the details of this model. Well, this model is having 4 wheel drive and this is the first time Lamborghini has installed it in its models. So, it will be quite interesting to see what this 4 wheel drive option might bring on the table for Lamborghini. This was the first time this model was taken to Livigno. If you are not aware of what Livigno is then we must tell you that its a driving academy in Italian Alps.

Yes, you heard us right, the tracks are not normal tracks but it is ice. The task was to drive fast through the laps to complete the circuit with all the available skills. The schedule of racing was quite interesting too. There was day driving as well as the night driving too. Apart from that drifting and taking sharp 360 degrees turns were also included. Other than Lamborghini Aventador S there were various other Huracan Models were also a part of this race.

The youtuber who uploaded this video on YouTube was present at that moment and he recorded this video and share it. You can also see that in these videos the various new modes of driving are also shows. Lamborghini Aventador S is having ego mode and other modes for driving that is quite unique in Lamborghini models.

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