Lamborghini Aventador-Based Supercar dubbed as SVR teased with flashing images

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Last year, Lamborghini Squadra Corse racing division built their first bespoke road-going model as Aventador-based SC18 Alston. Now, Italian luxury sports car maker has dropped a teaser video that previews all-new, track-only limited-edition model based on Aventador. Last month, member of McLaren Life forums claimed that he had previewed a new hardcore Aventador-based model. It is dubbed as SVR and will be limited to track use and only 40 units will be made available worldwide.

It would act as Lamborghini’s version of FXX. It looks like the model featured here in this teaser is SVR. However, the name is still unconfirmed. The teaser shows flashing images of the vehicle that is painted in bright green and features a bodywork distinct from Aventador. It has no headlights, a hood with air intakes, and a pronounced front splitter. Moreover, the car features radical wing mirrors, a pronounced roof scoop, and an elongated decklid. There is also a massive carbon fiber wing and an aggressive diffuser.

In the released video description, Lamborghini stated that it will be powered with a naturally aspirated 6.5-liter V12 that delivers an impressive 830hp. It is 60hp more powerful than Aventador SVJ. We are also aware that the said car will feature a six-speed Xtrack sequential transmission and a bespoke limited-slip differential. At this point of time, Lamborghini has not announced when this new Aventador-based will be officially released. We are expecting more news in coming weeks and deliveries will commence from 2021.

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